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Vande Bharat Express trail run successfully, High speed Achieved 180 kmph, Excellent

Vande Bharat Express, 180 Kmph
Vande Bharat Express,

After the high-speed Bullet Train is announced between Ahmedabad -Mumbai, The historic semi-high-speed VANDE BHARAT EXPRESS train, which has been announced for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route, The railways will conduct the final trial completed, and it is run between Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

The Train was trialed by running speed of 130 kmph and taking a halt at Vadodara station, and then directly reached the Last station in Mumbai. And achieved a high speed was 180 kmph. A senior railway officer’s team monitored the trail.

Vande Bharat train will depart time 7:25 am at Ahmedabad and arrive at Mumbai time 1:30 pm, and return schedule time 2:40 pm departure from Mumbai and arriving at Ahmedabad time 9.05 pm.

The Train will be running on 75 routes in 2023. Vande Bharat train has capable of running 180 to 200 km per Hour. The Train will start after Navratri. The Train will be running six days a week. 

  • The approximate fare will be 3500 Rs per person from Ahmadabad to Mumbai. And Commercial stoppage at Surat.



  • Chair-car and exclusive chair-car seat
  • Semi-automatic air conditioner.
  • Turn 180 degrees on all seats.
  • The Cost will be 3500 Rs per person
  • AC, WIFI, and charging socket available.
  • 1128 passengers will travel by train.
  • GPS, Network, And automatic door install.
  • Smoking Detection and collision detection also install.
  • The journey has done at 6 hours from Ahmedabad to Mumbai.
  • Total of 16 coaches and 78 seats in each coach.
Vande Bharat Express

What is the cost of the Vande Bharat train ticket?

The price of the Delhi-Katra Vande Bharat Express will be ₹1,650.00 in an AC chair car between New Delhi and Katra. Executive Chair Car, then the price will be ₹3,000. Katra-Delhi Vande Bharat Express will be ₹1600 between Katra and New Delhi. The cost of the Executive Chair Car will be ₹3010.

How many Vande Bharat trains are there in India?

2 Vande Bharat Train are operational. New Delhi to Varanasi and New Delhi to Vaishnodevi Katra Two are functioning, and one finished successfully trail.

What is the top speed of Vande Bharat Express?

180 kilometers per Hour 

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