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5G Enabled AI intelligent Solutions created by SOLOMON.


SOLOMON participated in the 2022 Taipei Automation Industry Exhibition, where it showcased the 5G enabled AI intelligent solutions built with Taiwan’s big brother, mainly to ensure the operation process of personnel, the factory used AR augmentation reality and AI technology to establish factory maintenance operation procedures, equipment inspection, and factory education and training after improving equipment automation. Use AR to establish standard operations in smart factories.

Salomon Product Associate Huang Xiuzhi said that the intelligent solution has three major application scenarios, including


1. AR intelligent inspection

AR intelligent inspection, mainly with smart glasses with manual, expanding the reality of the inspection list, because in the past factory inspection needs to use paper to confirm the details. Still, now using a new generation of the inspection system, the operator can directly through the IMAGE interface of THE AR glasses to complete the equipment inspection and verification work.

Huang Xiuzhi pointed out that AR intelligent inspection can instantly upload data and take photos and use the video function to eliminate the need for inspection personnel to record and make reports. Moreover, in the event of a malfunction accident, it can troubleshoot through remote experts, carry out interactive remote technical support, change the traditional operation mode, and acquire new personnel training experience inheritance.

2. AR operation and maintenance guidelines

Huang Xiuzhi explained that the advanced application scenario is the AR operation and maintenance guidelines, the operator through the image interface indication, the equipment standard operation process, while the high-end application is with 5G transmission technology, through the image interface back to the AI interpretation analysis, to confirm whether the line is operated correctly, the implementation of AI standard operation, to achieve the goal of smooth production and process.

5G Enabled AI intelligent Solutions created by SOLOMON.


3. ICT 3D maglev trolley flexible manufacturing system

In terms of the ICT 3D maglev trolley flexible manufacturing system, Huang Xiuzhi pointed out that in response to the diversified and small production trends, Rockwell intelligent rail system can use software to design positioning points and stations, without replacing molds and hardware, directly expand and modify, through the integration of robotic arms, to achieve intelligent elastic manufacturing and 3D simulation, reduce the cost of testing and design missing, and accelerate product time to market.

5G Enabled AI intelligent Solutions created by SOLOMON.

Huang Xiuzhi said that this Solomon system could reduce the past production line must continue to test the time, as well as the cost of design errors, can improve the production efficiency by more than 50%, and reduce the downtime of the production line conversion, but also reduce the size of the equipment, to reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment, there are currently pharmaceutical factories, beauty factories introduced and used, in response to rapid changes in the production line exchange.

In terms of energy big data applications, Huang Xiuzhi said that Solomon integrates Rockwell Energy’s extensive data management as a sustainable carbon management framework, including carbon emission assessment, carbon emission strategy, carbon emission data digitization, AI for factory automation, production process, and plant process improvement, and data analysis, data visualization, and report audits, such as power allocation and cooling system energy consumption in smart factories.

In addition, the Salomon system integrator Jinjie system exhibited a full range of liquid detection solutions. Business director Li Yurui pointed out that to solve the problem of wastewater detection in the past, it must rely on manual procurement to achieve automatic microflow image analysis, and can reduce the cost of dredging and the electricity consumption of air compressors, which are the leading enterprise has introduced in Taiwan’s petrochemical industry, which reduces electricity consumption by 15 to 20%, and reduces the amount of sludge removal by three times.